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The Shoot is photographer booking platform that allows anyone interested in being paid for shoots to set up an account and to create as many listings for their business as they like across a range of photography categories. The best part, there is no fee to join whatsoever, photographers set their own rates and the site does not take any commissions from photographers.

The Shoot was created by tech enthusiasts Tristan Burns and Fiona MacDougall who wanted to create a place where customers could find talented and affordable local photographers that were different from other freelancer sites that, as they saw it, did not have the photographers best interests at heart.

Many freelance photographer booking sites out there require the photographers to pay to list in some form or another. Some sites require a monthly subscription to list, others will take a hefty commission when the photographer is booked (often ~40%) whilst others may require the photographer to pay a bidding fee in order to be allowed to have contact with the customer. The Shoot does none of these and simply charges customers a small fee upon booking.

But The Shoot’s model doesn’t not only serve to benefit photographers. Aswell unlike other sites, customers on The Shoot know exactly who they are booking. They are able to see examples of that photographer’s work and can directly contact the photographer of their choice to discuss their requirements before booking the shoot.

To date, The Shoot boasts around 78 UK based freelance photographers with over 150 listings across 16 different shoot categories from London, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol and many places in between. Whilst only brand new the high number of inquiries and booking received from customers has been extremely encouraging.

The Shoot

The Shoot

The Shoot helps you to find affordable, yet high-quality photographers in your area. Visit today! 📸