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A guide for Photographers

As with all things in business, your success in photography is not simply down to raw talent.  How you sell yourself and communicate your personality and vision is equally as important as your skills behind the camera.  And whilst The Shoot provides an excellent platform for you to be discovered, it’s the beautiful and thought out listings you create that truly make the sale.

Each photographer on The Shoot is able to create a profile and can then set up as many listings as they like to showcase their talent and be booked for the various styles of photography they shoot. This means that there are 2 opportunities for you to share with potential customers who you are and what they can expect from a photoshoot with you. 

Let’s start by taking a look at Profiles.  

Improve your Profile on The Shoot 

1. Your Profile Photo

Seriously, you need to have a profile picture.  Let’s not forget, customers who come to The Shoot are booking a photographer they’ve never met before – they’re booking a stranger. Customers are far more likely to book a photographer they trust and they are more likely to trust you if they know what you look like.  It will also make it easier for them to spot you when they meet you for the first time at your photoshoot. 

If you do not have a profile picture on your The Shoot profile, we highly recommend you fix this immediately. Use a recent, clear image of yourself that shows your face and a bit of your personality.  It wouldn’t hurt to be holding a camera either. After all, you are a photographer!

We love this example from Gareth D

2. Your description

Your bio is your story and storytelling is a powerful tool in business. Storytelling strikes an emotional connection with customers creating an immediate response that makes you and your story memorable and shareable.  It gives customers a compelling reason to book you and can inspire trust.

Use your bio to tell your story and take the customers on a journey with you.  How did you get into photography? What does your photography mean to you? Why will your passion for photography result in an amazing experience for the customer if they book you? 

Choosing a photographer is not an “any one will do” scenario. It is an infrequent purchase and for many people simply deciding to get photos done is half the battle.  Feeling comfortable that you’ve chosen the right photographer is the other half. Let’s make that part the easy part.

Here is a great example from Darren H

Photographer Bio Example

Listings – Your opportunity to shine!

1. First Image

This is the image that appears at the top of each listing and is by far the most important element on the page for attracting customer’s attention.  It is also the image that customers will see in search results and when browsing photographers on the site. For all intents and purposes, the success of your listing on The Shoot is entirely down to this image. So choose wisely.  

The image you select here needs to be the most eye-catching example of your photography style within this category.  Choose a striking image with a central subject that customers won’t be able to go past.

Also, please keep in mind that due to the orientation of the listing page this image needs to be in landscape and fit the space provided.  A close-up portrait image will result in your first image being a photo of someone’s chin and will not result in any bookings. 

Here is an excellent example of a first image from Tiffany R

Photographer First Image Example

2. Listing Title

“Portrait Photographer”, “Event Photographer”, “Fashion Photographer”…. These sorts of listing titles are more likely to put our customers to sleep than to inspire them to book the “London Portrait Photoshoot of a Lifetime!” – catch our drift?  Use your title to hook them in and make them remember you.  

You have 60 characters so make them count!

We like the energy is Sam F’s listing title here

Photographer Listing Title Example

3. Price per hour of your listing

The Shoot is a place for you to list your business and what you charge for a photoshoot is 100% up to you. You can also change it whenever you like and different listings can have different price points. 

Customers often interpret price as an indicator of the level of service they can expect to receive.  If your price is high relative to other photographers than to customers that may seem to say that you are more experienced and more likely to provide a higher level of service – albeit through direction at the photoshoot or quality of the images afterwards.  And perhaps the opposite is considered true if you are priced lower than other photographers.

In any case, keep an eye on yours and other photographer’s prices and use the about this photographer section on your listing to set expectations and help customers to understand why your price is what it is.

4. About this photographer

As mentioned above in the profile description, the about this photographer section on your listing page is your opportunity to tell your story and to excite and inspire customers to book you.  

The About this photographer section sits prominently at the top of your listing page and is your opportunity to dive deep into what a photoshoot with you is going to be like!  

Use this as an opportunity to take them through your process from booking to final edits and what they can expect along the way.  This will not only build trust from the outset but it will also help customers appreciate the method and level of work that goes into your craft.  

We think Marcello S has done a great job of this

Photographer About Me Example

5. Shoot Style

Shoot style is the category for each listing.  Your images, your title, your description all need to relate to the photography style for that listing.  More often than not, customers will base their searches on the type of photography they are looking for.

If the category for your photoshoot is “weddings” and your title or your images are about anything other than weddings, then customers are not going to feel inspired to book you as their wedding photographer.

Each listing needs to be specific and highly targeted. Make your fashion listing all about fashion with no deviation.  Make your corporate headshots listing 100% about corporate headshots. 

Keep in mind you can create as many listings as you like to showcase your full range of talent.  Don’t use one listing to do that.

Mila’s “Autumn Photoshoot in London” listing is all about Autumn photoshoots in London.  Perfect!

6. Location

The purpose of The Shoot is to help customers find photographers that are near them, or who are near a place they plan on being for their photo shoot. Listings on The Shoot are searchable via a map and many customers use the map to refine their search results and find photographers.  

Placing yourself on the map by selecting “London” or “Manchester” does nothing to excite the customer about the possibilities for their photoshoot. 

It also puts you on the same map point as many, many other photographers, leaving you with no opportunity to stand out. 

We highly recommend you use this map reference as an opportunity to let customers know that you know where to shoot and as well as to stand out on the map.

Check out these cool East London cats 

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