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The BIG difference between photographers who receive enquiries and those who don’t is the quality of their listings. You need to create listings that not only showcase your incredible talent but that also draws in the attention of potential customers.

Here are The Shoot’s top tips for creating that perfect listing:

1. Category

What category of photography are you creating this listing for? You’re welcome to create as many listings as you like however you can only select one category per listing.  Therefore you need to make sure every aspect of your listing is relevant to that category. (Images, title, and description)

For example, you may be a wedding photographer who also shoots pets.  If the category you’ve selected for your listing is weddings, then we highly recommend that you do not include images of horses and pet goldfish alongside flower girls and fathers of the bride! People looking for pet photography won’t be looking for you in the wedding category and people look for a wedding photographer will find the animal images irrelevant. Stick to the category! 

2. Images

This goes without saying: your images are the most important thing about your listing!  The first image that you upload to the site sits at the very top of your listing and is the first thing customers will see. So make it stand out!

We also recommend using a landscape image for this one. 

There is no limit to the number of images you can include on your listing and we recommend you update them often! 

Customers will want to get a good feel for your style and talent, so upload at least 10 photos which best showcase your skills and range within that category.

3. A photo of yourself on your listing

According to Linkedin, having a photo on your profile makes people 14 times more likely to view your profile. The same is true on The Shoot.  Having a photo of yourself on your listing it going to increase the number of people sending you enquiries. Putting a face to the name makes you seem more human, trustworthy and approachable.  Make your image is friendly and warm yet professional. Perhaps you holding a camera might also be a good idea! 

4. Your Listing Title

Your title is another opportunity to differentiate yourself!  It’s only a few words long but those words can be powerful and speak volumes to potential customers about what it is they can expect from a photoshoot with you.  So be creative!

5. About This Photographer Section

This is where the sale is made!  If they are reading your About section it means they liked your first image, enjoyed your smiling profile pic and were not put off by your title.  But this is where trust and excitement are built. This is your opportunity to truly sell yourself and your service.  

Tell them how much you love photography.  Tell them you left your desk job at ABC investment bank so you could take beautiful pictures of amazing people like them.  Tell them this is your dream job and working with them is your dream come true. Or some variation of the above.  

Most importantly, tell them what they can expect from a photoshoot with you.  

Once you’re up and running with your beautiful listings check in here for some tips on Growing your business through The Shoot.

For a great example of a listing done well, check out our very own Scott R 🤩

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