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How to ensure you turn customer enquiries into photoshoot bookings!

You’ve created beautiful listings for your photography business and you’re starting to receive enquiries from customers looking to book you.  But how do you give yourself the best chance at turning those enquiries into bookings?  


1. Respond Quickly

The early bird catches the worm.  The best way to secure a booking is to reply to the customer while they are still on the website.  The average customers spend less than 4 minutes on The Shoot website, so in order to catch them while they are still there we need to be very quick!  If you can engage them in conversation only moments after they’ve messaged you then you are much more likely to get them over the line and to secure your booking!

Of course, this is not always going to be possible and where it is not, the best advice is just to get back to them as soon as you can.


2. Clear Communication

Many customers are very clear on what they want and have picked you because you’re the one most likely to help them achieve their vision.  However, many of our customers have never worked with photographers before and are somewhat unsure of what to expect. We often find that these customers reach out to photographers but do not clearly express what it is they are after. 

As the photographer it will sometimes come down to you to steer the conversation and help the customer articulate what it is they are looking for by asking the right questions.  This will also help you to receive a great review from the customer after the shoot 🙂 


3. Send Custom Offers

Requests for photoshoots come in all shapes and sizes.  Customers may ask you to travel long distances, to book a studio or even for 50 edits instead of your normal 10.  Time based bookings are not always the right approach for evaluating the price of a photoshoot. 

With The Shoot’s custom pricing functionality you can send the customer a bespoke price that better matches the photoshoot requirements.

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