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Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, sleigh your friends and family with an outstanding Christmas photoshoot!  Here are our top 4 ideas for unique and creative family photoshoots

It’s Buble season again so no doubt yule soon be wanting some festive family photos to decorate your Instagram feeds. But let’s not forget, Christmas is a time for elfies, not selfies!  Play your Christmas cards right and find a photographer ( who will capture the perfect family photo.

Your Christmas photoshoot doesn’t need to be the worn-out ‘family in front of the tree smiling for the camera’ cliche.  There are plenty of fun and creative ways and locations to truly make your family Christmas photoshoot one to remember.


Christmas Markets

Photography by Mila K

Most large cities in the UK are blessed with beautiful Christmas markets that usually start sometime in late November.  Taking their inspiration from German Christmas markets, they make amazing backdrops to any photoshoot.

Imagine you and the fam all wrapped up in hats and scarves, rose-cheeked whilst warming your hands around a cup of hot chocolate (mulled wine for the parents).

Ice Skating

Whilst being careful not to break a leg a photoshoot on the ice can make for perfect Christmas photos!  Provided you can stay on two feet long enough to have your photo taken your Christmas on ice photos will be a hit.

As well as the markets, most Christmas ice skating venues open in November and are wonderfully decorated for the season.  They do tend to get a little crowded as the big day nears, so if you can, try to get yours done early. That way you can dance across the ice unobstructed.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Few activities are more quintessentially Christmas than decorating a tree at home.  Provided there are no disputes over creative direction then a series of candid photos of you and the family hanging baubles and placing the star atop make for a beautiful Christmas photoshoot.

After you’re finished make sure you take the opportunity for a few relaxed family photos in front of your gorgeously decorated tree.  Don’t forget to treat yourself to a mince pie after all your hard work!

Christmas Party

Dig up your ugly Christmas jumper, grab a glass of champagne and find a spot below the mistletoe.  It’s party time.

A Christmas party photoshoot will provide any talented photographer with many opportunities to capture you, your family and friends at their festive best.  A maybe a couple embarrassing ones from later in the night (wink).


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