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This week we talk to David, a full-time photographer in Leeds. He tells us about the highlights of his photography career and who is ideal subject would be.

How did you get started in photography?

I studied art in high school, specifically post-impressionism and romanticism. The artists would pay special attention to lighting and shade, and as I emulated their styles and techniques, I would also pay particular attention to light and shade in my daily life. Coupled with my love of physics and my love of being sociable despite having social anxiety at one point, photography came to me, and I never looked back.

What has been the highlight of your photography career so far?

Meeting amazing and inspirational People throughout my practice.

Share with us your favourite image from your work

Image by David T

Tell us why this image is your favourite:

It was "beast of the east" and I'd gotten up at 3:30am to go to a local area in the countryside where there are deer. I did my research about avoiding washing the day before to avoid smells of chemicals that the deer may pick up on, and wore earthy coloured clothing that didn't make a noise as I moved around. It was pitch black and being a city boy, sounds of the countryside conjured a whole manner of spooky images in my mind. I got into position, making sure the sunrise wouldn't show my silhouette on the horizon, I waited. I took some photos of deer, but none as striking as this one; as I was heading back to my car in the daylight, this deer nimbly ran across my path - it's fur rippling in the breeze. It stopped. We both shared a few seconds of simply just being. I raised my camera and captured the moment.

If you could photograph anyone in the world who would you shoot?

Jim Carrey

If you could do a shoot anywhere in the world, where would you shoot?

Natural and open. Where you can see, experience and stand in awe of the vastness of Earth. The tundra during spring perhaps.

What can customers expect from a photoshoot with you?

A friendly, flexible, down to earth and professional service, where if time is a priority, will get the work done in an efficient manner. Or if ideas and concepts are too abstract, I can help facilitate their visual manifestation to tell your story or communicate your message.

What is your favourite thing about being on The Shoot?

How friendly, helpful and easy to contact Tristan, Fiona and members of staff are.

David is available to book for your next photoshoot in Leeds from £50 per hour. He specialises in:

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