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The talented Feyi joined The Shoot in February 2020. Based between London and Hertfordshire, Feyi is originally from Nigeria and has been pursuing photography as a hobby for the last few years. He's hoping to turn his passion into his full-time job soon!

How did you get started in photography?

I joined a photography blog many years ago and posted on and off but it was more for my writing. I've always had a decent camera but in 2018, I got a Canon 5d Mark IV and since then I have done a lot of intensive learning to improve my skills.

What has been the highlight of your photography career so far?

Shooting a fashion show event in London, but mostly being able to document and photograph the different places around the world as I travel.

Please share with us your favourite image from your work

Tell us why this image is your favourite.

I love colours, and the burst of colours I was able to capture really pleased me.

If you could photograph anyone in the world who would you shoot?

Scarlett Johansson

If you could do a shoot anywhere in the world, where would you shoot?


What can customers expect from a photoshoot with you?

Politeness, patience and a listening ear.

What is your favourite thing about being on The Shoot?

The ease of setting up and the feeling that it's a platform that really wants to help make the connections between photographers and clients

Feyi is available for Portrait photography sessions in London, with prices starting from £58 per hour.

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