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Morgane is a full-time photographer living in London. She is originally from Prais, France and specialises in Fashion photoshoots.

How did you get started in photography?

I have always done it since a teenager, taking photos of my friends. , Then as a fashion student, I took photos of my friends’ collections or mine, styling shoots and then finally as a career with blogger friends and brands I knew.

What has been the highlight of your photography career so far?

Working on fashion week SS20 in both London and Paris. Doing runway, backstage, street-style and presentations and then seeing it all published, it was exhausting but I can’t wait to do it again for next season.

What is your favourite image from your work?

I couldn’t choose one! I love different photos that represent different facets of my work, they also might have meant something special at that time so there’s too many.

If you could photograph anyone in the world who would you shoot?

For models, I’d dream of shooting Coco Rocha. As for celebrities, probably Lili Reinhart as I’ve photographed her street-style at fashion weeks and everyone goes crazy so it would be full circle. And then I love music so any musician I admire would be a big moment!

If you could do a shoot anywhere in the world, where would you shoot?

I would love to shoot in the desert in the US – take a road trip from coast to coast and shoot along the way. That would be a life goal.

What can customers expect from a photoshoot with you?

They can expect a session that will push them into trying new things and a photographer who wants to show the best of them.

What is your favourite thing about being on The Shoot?

It’s a nice community and always good to get to meet other people in person.

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