You’re revamping your LinkedIn profile with some serious new headshots. You’re capturing the precious years with a family portrait to cherish. You’re going for glam in those brand new boots with a funky fashion shoot.  You need a photographer!

Your career, your memories and those boots are all on the line here.  You need to make sure your photographer understands your vision the way you do.  The key to success here is communication.

Communication with your photographer in the run-up to your photoshoot is gonna make or break this thing. Provide as much information as you can on what it is you’re looking for to give your photographer the best chance to understand your vision. 

But this is no one-way street.  Your photographer is a pro and they bring people’s vision to life day in day out.  Let them know what you want and bounce your ideas off them. Together you will be able to create something beautiful!

📍Location or setting

It might seem obvious but this is the most important part. Where are you having this photoshoot? If it is in a studio – make sure that either you or they have access to one and that it is available when you need it.  Otherwise, it’s a location shoot. Tell your photographer what kind of background you want your images to have eg. cityscape/street art/a park. If you have an exact place in mind, tell them! If you’re easy, ask them for a recommendation.  They’ll have loads! 

📅 Date

Many photographers literally run from shoot to shoot. Their schedules can be booked up weeks in advance.  The best chance you have for getting the photographer you want is to approach them as early as possible and to let them know as best you can from what time you’ll need them and for how long.  If you’re flexible about this, reach out to them with some date/time options that they can come back to you.

🖼 Types of images you like

You know when you go to the salon/barber and point to the haircut you want from a magazine?  You can do that with your photographer too! If you’ve picked that photographer than it’s most likely because you like their work.  Let them know which images from their portfolio most closely match what it is you’re after. If you’ve picked them because you think they’ve got a good eye but haven’t seen one of theirs you love, don’t be afraid to send them some examples of the sort of thing you’re looking for if you’ve seen it elsewhere.  Mood boards also work great for helping to share your vision with them so don’t hold back!

🤔 What will the photos be used for?

Knowing what you need the images for will help your photographer to plan your photoshoot immensely.  Are they for your business or website? Are they just for the mantle? Or are they for social media? Images for your LinkedIn are gonna be very different from those for your Instagram or even your tinder profile! Let the photographer know so they can plan accordingly and give you their best tips for getting the most out of your photoshoot.

We hope you found this article useful and that you can take a few pointers away on what you should discuss with your photographer. We’re confident that by sharing your thoughts on these four simple points, you’ll be able to get the most out of your photoshoot!

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